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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bread Pics!!! (yes... I'm a nerd...) : D


And now for two adorable kitties... Phiphi & Lhu... Macha is hiding... lolz.

^ (Cthu)Lhu... My little Destroyer of Worlds... He's so sweet when he's all sleepy... ^-^

^ Looking more like the Elder-god-possessed cat we all know & love... XD

^ Phiphi snuggled into a nice fuzzy blanket... he's a sucker for anything fuzzy. ^-^

Macha, our female cat, is having attitude as per usual, and won't be bothered to come out from wherever she's napping to get her pic taken. But hey, would I expect anything else from her? Absolutely not! Really though, she's wonderful & lovey... and adorably protective of our house & porch... She's super cute when she gets up in the window & glares at the passing outside cats until they run far enough away from our place that she feels they're no longer a possible threat... ^-^ She's pluffy like Lhu is, but black with red & brown in her fur.

Enough pics & blogging!!! Go work on your dolls!



Ok, ok! I'm going!

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