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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Bread, bread & more bread...

I've had so much koffee, I may never hold still again... I've drank almost the entire pot to myself... o_o lolz... The bread I made for supper is done. And oh-so-tasty! I added sunflower seeds this time, and Britt says that it's a win. Yay! The cinnamon swirl bread is in the oven... It smells so good... I can't wait for it to be baked & cooled enough to cut... Mmmmmm. Talked to my mom for a bit, and got my grandma's apple bread recipe. Going to give that a whirl later tonight, after I go to the store & get eggs. I need to find out who at work has chickens, so I can get eggs from them instead.

Anyways! I feel like making dolls... So I think I shall. I've got my poor old witch still waiting for a body, and a spirit doll I'm going to make for Kyo... I've got some fur of his in a box (I found it when he got outside at our old house & got in a fight with another cat...) and I've wanted to do something super special with it. Knickertwist makes these awesome little dolls she calls "Spirit Dolls", and I absolutely LOVE them! They're so neat (and creepy : D)! She uses Spanish Moss for the wrapping around the bones or twigs, but I decided that using Kyo's fur will be the perfect thing to use on his doll instead of moss. I miss him so much. T_T

Anyways... again... ^_^ It's raining like there's no tomorrow outside, & still insanely windy. I am loving this weather! 20 more minutes & the cinnamon swirl bread will be done. YAY!!! Then we shall finally carve our pumpkins & bake the seeds... Mmmmmm... so good... Going to call Katie to see what exactly she sprinkled on her seeds... They were the best seeds I've ever had.... ^-^ Off to play with pumpkins! Miich!

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