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Thursday, October 22, 2009

To do lists, housework & crafting...

This pretty much sums up my impending day today. As I keep insane hours, I'll be heading back to bed with Britt here in a minute. Then we'll be up in about four hours to head to the college to get her financial aid stuff turned in. Then back home to finish up the house work. I expect that this evening I'll finally be able to sit down with some koffee and finish up my sugar skull beads. ^_^ I'm super excited to finish them up, make 'em shiny & then wear them!
I made one for my dearly departed kitty, Kyo-kun. I miss him so much... Especially around this time of year... He was truly my Halloween kitty! I'm looking forward to making my Dia de los Muertos altar this year. I may or may not leave it up longer than just the holiday... I haven't decided yet. I'm going to paint an Aunty Mel bead today... It's still so hard to believe they're both gone... And it's strange. They died withing four days of each other (worst week of our lives, hands down), and they both are especially missed this time of year. Kyo was a big, orange boofy cat, who looked like Halloween personified :D and Mel loved Halloween. It was her favorite holliday. She'd decorate her house, she'd wear fun clothes, get her nails done... all Halloween themed. She was the best.
This was NOT supposed to turn all sad & weepy! Sometimes, though, I just can't help it. I miss them both so much, my heart aches. They are so special, it's hard to live without them here with us.
So... before I make my keyboard short out, I'm going to go blow my nose & go to bed so I can get up and be productive! Pics of finished skull beads WILL be posted! As soon as I get them done... ^_~ Nighty night.

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