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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting ready to head to the grocery store to try & find something for dinner... I have no idea what to cook... -_-; Oh well... I'll figure something out. I always do. ^_^ I need to get koffee creamer too... Britt's out, as she drinks more creamer in her koffee than koffee, but hey, I don't judge...


Anywho... off to the store with me. And then perhaps some cleaning & reading tonight. Or maybe a movie. I'm feeling really tired, so I don't particularly want to do anything, but I do want to go to the gym before I go to bed tonight. ^_^ I had an awesome time last night, even though I was only able to work out for about 15 minutes on my lunch break. I'm excited to get in there tonight & have a proper workout. ^_^ Miich. But dinner first. So, off I go for food & creamer.

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