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Friday, October 23, 2009

Eye of Newt...

My soup is happily simmering... I went to test the rice (to see if it was done...) and proceeded to burn the shit out of my tongue. Oh pain... I think I just burned off all the taste buds from my piercing to the tip of my tongue... meh. >_<

The soup, however, is supremely tasty. Miich. The first loaf of bread is in the oven, and the cinnamon loaf will follow shortly. I suppose I should have baked the cinnamon one first, but oh well.

Waiting to hear back from Candice to see if she'll be willing to either swap me weekends or swap me 7 day stretches if I get Jeff's noc shift position. I hope she'll work with me on this. Must think positively! ^_^

Must go stir soup...

I don't know if we have enough containers for all the soup I made... o_o we'll see I suppose... I think we'll have to fill the two large containers we have, and then all the smaller ones and stick those in the freezer.

My tongue is decidedly un-miichy...


Still listening to DruidCast... Makes me happy, nyo... It makes me wish I had some pagan friends, acquaintances, etc... sigh... Sometimes I'm a twee bit lonely sometimes...

Not to wallow, though. I'll eventually find people I fit with & who fit with me. ^_^

Back to soup & defending the bread from Britt & her strange need to poke it... O_o;


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