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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting ready to head to the grocery store to try & find something for dinner... I have no idea what to cook... -_-; Oh well... I'll figure something out. I always do. ^_^ I need to get koffee creamer too... Britt's out, as she drinks more creamer in her koffee than koffee, but hey, I don't judge...


Anywho... off to the store with me. And then perhaps some cleaning & reading tonight. Or maybe a movie. I'm feeling really tired, so I don't particularly want to do anything, but I do want to go to the gym before I go to bed tonight. ^_^ I had an awesome time last night, even though I was only able to work out for about 15 minutes on my lunch break. I'm excited to get in there tonight & have a proper workout. ^_^ Miich. But dinner first. So, off I go for food & creamer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho..

It's off to work I went... Still here, although I'm about to go take my lunch break & head home to see Britt... whose still fast asleep... I normally don't post stuff from work, as I'm paranoid I'll get my account audited & have management reading my stuff... I have my laptop at work tonight, though, so I'm relatively safe. They don't audit guest users of the hospital's wifi, because seriously... what could they do? Anywho... It doesn't look as if Candice is going to be willing to work with me on changing up the NOC schedule at all, so I'll be keeping my current schedule of ridiculousness... I'm trying very hard not to be negative & vindictive, but I'm rather put out that she's so unwilling to even consider working with me on this. I'm so very disapointed... Oh well. Not much I can do about it. I tried. She can, however, kiss any future help from me goodbye. I refuse to keep helping someone who refuses to help anyone else. She expects everyone else to help her, yet refuses to help anyone in return. Please pardon my crassness, but, Fuck that shit. Anyways.

I'm off to lunch, and hoping that the place is still standing when I get back... currently, things are rather teetering on the brink of "Oh-holy-shit!-ness", and I'm hoping things haven't gone all to Hell by the time I get back... we shall see. ^_^

Monday, October 26, 2009

Physics' emblazoned on the side just pulled in... O_o
Well, off I go... Meep...
Waiting to head into my first class of Dynamic Yoga 1... I figure I can head in about 0915, and I won't be too terribly early... A car with 'Apollo Geo

Sunday, October 25, 2009

a text... Oh well. Gonna read & kill some time until Britt's out of yoga at 1530... Back to my book now...
At the Horseshoe, waiting for the waitress to notice me... Koffee is hopefully in the near future... Wishing I had my laptop, so I didn't have to post vi

Friday, October 23, 2009

Eye of Newt...

My soup is happily simmering... I went to test the rice (to see if it was done...) and proceeded to burn the shit out of my tongue. Oh pain... I think I just burned off all the taste buds from my piercing to the tip of my tongue... meh. >_<

The soup, however, is supremely tasty. Miich. The first loaf of bread is in the oven, and the cinnamon loaf will follow shortly. I suppose I should have baked the cinnamon one first, but oh well.

Waiting to hear back from Candice to see if she'll be willing to either swap me weekends or swap me 7 day stretches if I get Jeff's noc shift position. I hope she'll work with me on this. Must think positively! ^_^

Must go stir soup...

I don't know if we have enough containers for all the soup I made... o_o we'll see I suppose... I think we'll have to fill the two large containers we have, and then all the smaller ones and stick those in the freezer.

My tongue is decidedly un-miichy...


Still listening to DruidCast... Makes me happy, nyo... It makes me wish I had some pagan friends, acquaintances, etc... sigh... Sometimes I'm a twee bit lonely sometimes...

Not to wallow, though. I'll eventually find people I fit with & who fit with me. ^_^

Back to soup & defending the bread from Britt & her strange need to poke it... O_o;


Double double...

...Toil & trouble, stove top heat & big-ass soup pot bubble... : D

It's soup making time!!!

The meat is browned and sitting aside, waiting for me to get the broth going... then I'll toss 'em all in & add my veggies!!! After I get everything in the pot & it's simmering, I'll make the bread. Mmmmmmm...

Now... Off to the soup & to DruidCast. ^-^

And I think we'll call it quits...

So... sleepy... We've cleaned and cleaned, and are almost finished. Both of us are about ready to drop... so we'll finish tomorrow. I didn't get any crafting done today, but that's ok I suppose. We have our house almost completely in order now. Huzzah! The in-laws are going to be coming over on Saturday... I think I'll buy some sage for the afterparty... just kidding... (sort of...) O_o;
Soup & bread making will have to wait until I get up in the morning. However, if I can get my ass to bed in the immediate future, I can still get up about 0730-0800 ish, and get the soup going. And maybe make some tasty cinnamon swirl bread for Britty for breakfast. ^_^ All that's left to finish is to vacuum our bedroom (after I pick up all my purses & bags off the floor... >_>) and then the spare room... I have a nagging feeling that it's going to take us about as long to get that one room taken care of as it did to get the rest of our house... we just have SO. MUCH. CRAFT. STUFF... o_o It's kind of amazing that two people our age have the collection of crafting materials that we do... hmmm... I think we'd better get to using it soon... So. Now it's off to bed, so I can get an early-ish start to my day. I have a ton of stuff I want/need to get started & finished, and not nearly enough time to do it in. Or so it seems. Off to bed so I can be productive tomorrow... Nighty night!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Cleaning

So far, cleaning is going well. We've made a huge dent in the clutter, and the cats are making the most of all the new room to tear around like Azatoth himself is chasing them... XD Britt's not feeling so hot, due to massive cramping (as I'm sure everyone totally wanted to know...), so I'm trying to convince her to take it easy & let me do stuff. No luck yet. She did lay down to snuggle Phiphi for a bit, so I guess that's better than nothing. I wish she'd drink some moontime tea... no luck here either, as it tastes like hell... Oh well. I'll make her some as soon as she wants.
I made the best pot of koffee EVER... So. Tasty. And it's just normal koffee. Miich. Britt's working on the dishes & the kitchen so I can get in there sometime tonight & make soup & bake some bread. I'm going to make another huge pot of soup! So excited... I enjoyed myself so much last time. ^_^ I listened to three or four DruidCasts last time. ^_^ I think I'll make two loaves tonight. One for meals and one with cinnamon swirl for breakfast... Mmmmm...
I'm so excited to have the next three days off! We were supposed to go to SteamCon this weekend, but decided not to, as we didn't have costumes. I'm super excited to be staying home and getting some awesome crafting time in. And some good reading done. The Anubis Gates is so good so far. I'm having a nice time leisurly picking through it.
Listening to Damh the Bard's album The Hills They are Hollow. I love it. I can't wait til next Friday, when I get his newest album, The Cauldron Born.

I decided what to be for Haloween this year... I'm going to dress as my version of Santa Muerte... I detest painting my face, so I'm going to paint one of the paper mache masks I've made to look like a sugar skull and then wear vaguely traditional Santa Muerte garb. I'm excited. I bought silk flowers today to put in my hair. I also bought two gourds to use on my altar, then I'm going to dry them & make them into rattles. I'm going to try things a bit differently this time around. When I'm done using them as decorations, I'm going to cut open the bulbous part, clean out all the seeds & gunk and then cover them with salt for the next 6-12 months. I'm hoping this works better... We'll have to see.
Britty found the most perfect picture frame for Kyo's picture for my Dia de los Muertos altar. It's neon pink with little fishy skeletons around the frame. It's perfect. So happy... ^-^
I'm going to get a plain frame and paint it for Aunty Mel's picture. And I think I have one for my Bumpa & Nanna... but it's kinda small, so I may just save it for something else... I'll have to see.

Anywho! Now that I've had a nice little break to post this, it's back to work! If we do get any visits from loved ones this Samhain or Dia de los Muertos, I want my house to be comfortable & not clutered. Now to refill my koffee cup... Off I go!

To do lists, housework & crafting...

This pretty much sums up my impending day today. As I keep insane hours, I'll be heading back to bed with Britt here in a minute. Then we'll be up in about four hours to head to the college to get her financial aid stuff turned in. Then back home to finish up the house work. I expect that this evening I'll finally be able to sit down with some koffee and finish up my sugar skull beads. ^_^ I'm super excited to finish them up, make 'em shiny & then wear them!
I made one for my dearly departed kitty, Kyo-kun. I miss him so much... Especially around this time of year... He was truly my Halloween kitty! I'm looking forward to making my Dia de los Muertos altar this year. I may or may not leave it up longer than just the holiday... I haven't decided yet. I'm going to paint an Aunty Mel bead today... It's still so hard to believe they're both gone... And it's strange. They died withing four days of each other (worst week of our lives, hands down), and they both are especially missed this time of year. Kyo was a big, orange boofy cat, who looked like Halloween personified :D and Mel loved Halloween. It was her favorite holliday. She'd decorate her house, she'd wear fun clothes, get her nails done... all Halloween themed. She was the best.
This was NOT supposed to turn all sad & weepy! Sometimes, though, I just can't help it. I miss them both so much, my heart aches. They are so special, it's hard to live without them here with us.
So... before I make my keyboard short out, I'm going to go blow my nose & go to bed so I can get up and be productive! Pics of finished skull beads WILL be posted! As soon as I get them done... ^_~ Nighty night.

Friday, October 16, 2009

These skulls are gonna kill me... o_o;

I've been painting the colours on my little skull beads for about... 3 - 3 1/2 hours. I have eight of them done, and 18 more to go... meep. I was hoping to post pictures of the ones I have finished, but the lighting in my living room is so horrid, that I'll have to wait until the morning. Oh well... we'll all survive. The painting was going super slow at first, but now that I kind of have an idea of what I want them to look like, things are going a wee bit faster (but not much... lolz). I don't mind the time it's taking though. I'm taking the oportunity to catch up on episodes of my favourite podcast, DruidCast... hosted by Damh the Bard, available via iTunes or at I absolutely LOVE this podcast! Although Druidry is not my particular path, I find the music wonderful & the interviews interesting. My favourite interview so far isn't actually an interview, but rather a paper in two parts written & read by Professor Ronald Hutton. His paper is entitled History of Modern Druidry, and is piss your pants funny. It's divided between episodes 16 & 17, and if you have two hours to spare, you should definitely download & listen to this paper. It is AWESOME. ^_^ Well then... I'm off to paint another bead or two, and then I'm off to bed to read a bit before I try to sleep. I'm attempting to read The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers, but haven't had much success in starting it, due to my current inability to just sit still & READ. All I've wanted to do lately is craft, which is all well & good, but I have two other books waiting after I've finished this one. The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by an author whose name escapes me & The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk are next on my To Read List. With that in mind, I think I'll call it a night on the beads & dive right into my book. Nighty night!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Alrighty then...

Successfully hooked things up so I can post via cell phone... ^__^
Just took my bread out of the oven, and now waiting for it to cool enough to slice. Debating on which crafting project to work on... O_o;
I think I'll have to go with the Dia de los Muertos beads, as they're the only thing I currently have a deadline for. Almost done... I'll post a few pics as soon as I finish getting the black onto them... then for the colour!!! Off to painting!
Testing, testing 123....

New Spot to Blog!

So! I figured it was about time to condense all my various blogs into one spot... and here we are! My posts tend to run the gamut from here to there & everywhere in between... so hang on to your socks, 'cause here we go... ^_^